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Business Opportunity

Take a look at our Revolutionary Business Opportunity

You get FREE business opportunity on purchase of any of our product package.

Business Opportunity Plan

The Benefits of becoming I.B.F
(Independent Business Franchisee) in VIRPL

  • Team Bonus
  • Retail Bonus
  • Global Bonus
  • Generation Bonus
  • Fast Track Bonus
  • Royalty Bonus

Retail Bonus

Retail Bonus

I.B.F. Will get all products in D.P. (Distributor Price). You can sell these Products in MRP rates in Market and earn good Profit. This is called Sales Bonus. Sales Bonus may range from 20% to 50%.

For Example:
By selling one of the Products of JRS, Herbal Hills, You can earn Sales Bonus of 600 Points (MRP 1400 Points– DP 800 Points).

Global Bonus

Retail Bonus
  • This bonus is based on company pool that increases in a single line continuously
  • Every Joining Member will take place in a continue pool of company like shown in image
  • You will earn 4000 at every 6th Member in system Pool

PV Turn Over Bonus (Team Bonus)

PV Bonus

  • Introduce the JRS and IBF system to the people around you
  • Put the interested people in your Team under your Your IDs
  • Increase your system like this and earn more with your team like follow.

BV Turn Over Bonus (Generation Bonus)

BV Bonus

  • This income is based on the Repurchase System of JRS. We are having wide range of Products which you can repurchase from us at discounted rates. IBF will get benefit of BV Turnover Bonus on the Repurchase made by their Down-line.
  • Each Product is having a BV (Business Value) attached. This Bonus will be counted on Matching of this Element (BV)
  • Generation Bonus = 10% of Matching BV of your Your IDs
  • BV will be consider in calculation only on 500 BV Collection by a Single IBF
  • Example: You will earn Rs. 600 as BV Turnover Income ( 6000 * 10%)
  • Monthly Payout
  • Enjoy income upto 1 Crore in a Single Month.

Royalty Bonus

Royalty Bonus

Leadership Bonus

Leadership Bonus

Leadership Bonus (Fast Track Bonus)

  • Company will designate you in some special status on achieving various targets. Winner of such status will become eligible for Leadership Bonus also.

Special Notes

  • Royalty Commission of New IBF will be given to all up-line unique royalty holder.
  • Royalty Amount will also be considered at time of 500 BV Matching in your Your IDs.
  • First purchase will be considered in PV Turnover and next purchases will be considered in BV Turnover Income.